When You Make a Mistake as a Teacher


When You Make a Mistake as a Teacher In Front of the Class

In brief: When teachers make mistakes in front of their classes, it may seem like the end of the world. Haunting nightmares of a teacher’s mistake may keep him or her awake at night, but it shouldn’t. Here’s why teachers should embrace their mistakes.

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When Teachers Bully Other Teachers

When Teachers Bully Other Teachers- Bullying in the Teaching Profession

Sooner or later, every teacher–with blessed few exceptions– will have to deal with a bully, and not the grade seven bully stealing chips from kid lunch boxes. But an adult bully, experienced and educated, dressed in fine clothes. A fellow teacher.

This post aims to inform teachers about the reasons for bullying in teaching and offer solutions for any teacher dealing with a bully.

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How to Reclaim Your Life- A Guide for Teachers

the miracle morning for teachers

Bronnie Ware, a palliative nurse who watched and discussed life with her dying patients said that writing the book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying “brought her to tears.” In her tearful conversations with the dying, there were no mentions of missed promotions or lost cash. But there was regret. And what terrible regret.

Here are the top five regrets of the dying, as recorded by Ware:

  1. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
  2. “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”
  3. “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.”
  4. “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.”
  5. “I wish I had let myself be happier.”

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3 More Easy Vocabulary Games

easy vocabulary games english teachers

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

When it comes to education, truer words have never been spoken. Surely every teacher can relate to that feeling of panic when, surrounded by a group of restless teenagers, the fact that the photocopier will be fixed in three hours offers no hope.

This is the battle field. And you have been sent without a clue.

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The Teacher’s Inner Scorecard

inner vs outer warren buffet teaching

Warren Buffet, the famous business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, asked a provocative question documented in Alice Schroeder’s biography of his life, Snowball:

LookitWould you rather be the world’s greatest lover, but have everyone think you’re the world’s worst lover? Or would you rather be the world’s worst lover but have everyone think you’re the world’s greatest lover? Now, that’s an interesting question. “Here’s another one. If the world couldn’t see your results, would you rather be thought of as the world’s greatest investor but in reality have the world’s worst record? Or be thought of as the world’s worst investor when you were actually the best?

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Perfectionism in Teachers

perfectionism in teachers and teaching

Frowning and stressed over a pile of student essays, Mary wrings her clenched hands and searches her desk drawers for another working red pen. Had all of them died already? Within only four hours of marking? “Oh, well,” Mary thinks to herself. “I’ll stop by the dollar store to get some on my way home from school.”

At 6:30 PM, she pushes the school doors open and says her goodbyes to the night custodian as she scrambles to her car, shoving the unmarked essays in the back seat—her hated companions for the night and the next morning.

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Beating Teacher Burnout III- Dealing with Disrespectful Students and Parents

disrespectful students advice for teachers

Teachers face disrespect; facing disrespect is tiring; disrespect causes some teachers to burnout and leave teaching. These are stories of real teachers and the disrespect they faced. Their names have been changed to protect their identities:

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Beat Burnout II- Ways for Teachers to Make More Money

How teachers can earn more money

When I began teaching years ago, I entered the profession with dear friends, people I knew to be the most resilient, kind, and ambitious. Within six years, half of these friends had left the teaching profession burnt-out, tired, and bitter.

Research across countries shows us that teacher attrition is generally higher than in many other professions, with attrition among teachers cited as affecting 30-40% of our profession.

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