My mission and the reason for this blog is to share practical tips and advice with other English teachers, especially new English teachers.  I want to help other English teachers make their jobs easier and their teaching better. 

To make your life as an English teacher easier,  I write about:

  • Classroom management
  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Lesson planning and teaching techniques
  • Teaching reading and writing
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Books and ideas that work

In my weekly email  updates, I promise not to waste your time with psychobabble,  buzzwords, or abstract theorizing–I’ll  leave that for the professors in teachers’ colleges. I promise to only share tips and tricks from the trenches– stuff I’ve researched, tried out, and tested.

With each post I write, I hope that you become a better, saner, and happier English  teacher.

I don’t claim to have all the answers,  but I am an avid researcher and reader, and with ever book I read about teaching over the years, I have become a better teacher and person.

You should know that only a few years ago, I seriously considered leaving teaching. Today, I am happy I stayed. My hope and prayer is that you remain an English teacher and even begin to love what you do.

My most popular posts:

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  2. 14 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Teaching– A Letter to My First Year Teacher Self
  3. Please, Please, Please, for the love of God– Dare to Be a Strict Teacher
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  5. Stop Stressing About Teaching–It’s Never Worth It
  6. 13 Incredibly Useful Websites for Teachers of English
  7. 5 Simple Ways to Increase Academic Expectations in Your Classroom
  8. Why I’m a Teacher

Join me in my mission to make teaching English a joy.

About Patricia Sacawa

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A picture of me.

I have been a teacher for the past five years and a private tutor for the past ten. My experience ranges from teaching in private schools to public ones; teaching overseas to teaching in Canada; teaching grade eight students to teaching adults; teaching disrespectful students to teaching angels I wish I could adopt.  The only constant through my teaching experiences has been my growing bookshelf of books– books about teaching or about life that I apply to my teaching.

When I read, I aim to better myself, make my life easier, help others do the same. I don’t have time for vague talk, fake talk, loose talk. This is what this blog is about. I want  to talk about things that matter to us teachers. So, it’s not “education buzzwords talk.” I named my blog “blackboard talk.”

This blog is about the basics. You, the blackboard, the kids. The basics.  No nonsense.

Thanks for stopping by.



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