My mission and the reason for this blog is to share practical tips and advice with other English teachers, especially new English teachers.  I want to help other English teachers make their jobs easier and their teaching better. 

To make your life as an English teacher easier,  I write about:

  • Classroom management
  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Lesson planning and teaching techniques
  • Teaching reading and writing
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Books and ideas that work

In my weekly email  updates, I promise not to waste your time with psychobabble,  buzzwords, or abstract theorizing–I’ll  leave theorizing for the professors in teachers’ colleges. I promise to only share tips and tricks from the trenches– stuff I’ve researched, tried out, and tested.

With each post I write, I hope that you become a better, saner, and happier English  teacher.

I don’t claim to have all the answers,  but I am an avid researcher and reader, and with ever book I read about teaching over the years, I have become a better teacher and person.

You should know that only a few years ago, I seriously considered leaving teaching. Today, I am happy I stayed. My hope and prayer is that you remain an English teacher and even begin to love what you do.


The opinions, musings, rants and reflections on this blog do not express the opinion of my employer. No one, single teacher could ever be the mouth piece for an entire district. My posts  are also not to offend or mislead, but rather provide a snapshot of my thinking at a certain point in time on a topic. So, please feel free to disagree or agree with my thinking, but please do not think of me as an official spokesperson for my employer. Again, these are my personal opinions, and while I stand behind them right now, they may change over time. Thank you.

My most popular posts:

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  8. Why I’m a Teacher

Join me in my mission to make teaching English a joy.

About Patricia Sacawa

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A picture of me.

I have been a teacher for the past six years and a private tutor for ten. My experience ranges from teaching in private schools to public ones; teaching overseas to teaching in Canada; teaching grade eight students to teaching adults; teaching disrespectful students to teaching angels I wish I could adopt.  The only constant through my teaching experiences has been my growing bookshelf of books– books about teaching or about life that I apply to my teaching.

When I read, I aim to better myself, make my life easier, help others do the same. I don’t have time for vague talk, fake talk, loose talk. This is what this blog is about. I want  to talk about things that matter to us teachers. So, it’s not “education buzzwords talk.” I named my blog “blackboard talk.”

This blog is about the basics. You, the blackboard, the kids. The basics.  No nonsense.

Thanks for stopping by.


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