I’m an Ontario Certified Teacher!

An old post from when I first graduated from teachers’ college.

Two weeks ago, I graduated from teachers’ college. Since then, I’ve been thinking of something inspirational to write, but I realized I’ve already written what I want to say.

Us teachers lookin' regal on graduation day.
Us teachers lookin’ regal on graduation day.

My first blog post ever explained why I want to be a teacher. It still captures best why I went to OISE.  It also explains what kind of teacher I want to be.

So, I’ve posted it below for you to read.

I have only one thing to add… a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all those people who stood by me during my studies! To start with, I thank my boss, Gilbert, for keeping me teaching part-time and tolerating my ‘pedagogical experiments’ in the classroom (Baroque music & other oddities…but they work).

I also owe a lot to friends, family, and teacher associates who:  drove me to bus stations, bought me Timmies, shared inspirational stories, or just understood when I disappeared under a pile of tests.

You guys are the best.

And big thanks to all the people at teachers’ college, enthusiastic and interesting, who often inspired me to keep going when the going was getting tough. Almost each one taught me something I’ll keep in mind—whether it’s laugh at the odd things, sing at the class, or eat salad on lunch break. And, finally, thank you teachers’ college…for introducing me to the wonderful world of baseball!

I’m excited for all of us teachers….the world is open to us, and not just for walking about in. We are going to teach it…and not everyone can say that.