Girls Part II: What is WWW Week? (The Sisterhood Circle)

I wrote this post when I was studying to become a teacher.

WWW Week is Women speaking Words of Wisdom Week, an initiative run by the Sisterhood Circle Girls’ Club. It promotes wise women in history.

What happens during WWW Week?

During WWW Week, the girls had three missions:

1) Make posters of famous womenРElla and I provided pages with printed pictures of famous women and their famous quotes. We posted these around them room, making our meeting place an art gallery. We told the girls to walk around the gallery and find an inspirational woman who said something that spoke  to them: this would be their personal mentor. They took her picture off the wall.

Next, the girls cut out the pictures of their chosen woman, and her quotes, and glued them on to colourful poster papers. They bejewelled, bowed, stickered and glittered their posters as they saw fit. It was a chance to express themselves and connect with the woman’s words.

Take a look at some of them here. Click for a better view:

2) Create a school display of the posters– To raise awareness about these wise women, we put up our posters on a wall in a busy area. This was our homage to great women, and a constant reminder of what we can become.

WWW Week girls self esteem group poster campaign
Our poster display.

3) WWW week daily PA announcements– For five consecutive days, 1-2 girls from the club made a short announcement about her chosen woman. She mentioned her background, what obstacles she faced, and how she affected her world. Finally, each announcement ended with the woman’s quote followed by “you have just heard a woman speaking words of wisdom.” During this WWW Week, we heard quotes from Indira Ghandi, Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, and Marie Curie- Sklodowska.

Here’s a sample below. For more announcements, click here: OISE- Sisterhood Circle- WWW week announcements

Mother Teresa announcement quote
An sample WWW Week announcement for Mother Teresa.

Where did the idea for WWW Week come from?

When I thought of the highly publicized women of today, I cringed. Think about it: Paris Hilton,¬† Britney Spears, Snooky, and Kim Kardashian are the women our girls grow up with. They can’t escape the reality of these women making millions off publicity for starring in a sex tape, marrying and divorcing a man in a heartbeat, speaking in incoherent sentences, and drinking to the point of pissing themselves.

I think our girls can do better.

I felt the need for girls to remember women who lived spirited lives, who affected the world in positive ways. I wanted them to know women can be respected for being smart, courageous, charming, beautiful, and kind. That image of woman– strong yet kind– is simply missing from dominant media culture.

Was it successful?

Overwhelmingly, yes. The key to WWW Week is it is largely student run: the girls choose their own inspirational figure, they become artists, and they take on a publicity campaign of their own.

I knew it worked when other girls outside of the club approached me and asked me to join. We were at full capacity, so unfortunately we couldn’t take anymore.

It is powerful when Women speak Words of Wisdom.